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Fire doors are a passive fire protection system, which must fulfill two functions, one is to evacuate the people who are inside, and two to divide the fire in one of the rooms.

The first characteristic of a fire door is its behavior as a thermal insulator, this means that in an emergency situation people have time to go out and be safe. They are also known as firewalls, they are made of metal or glass, and they are designed to withstand high temperatures if there is a fire. Fire doors can be installed in any building such as offices, schools, hospitals, since it is essential to have optimal facilities that maintain the safety of people in the event of any accident.

What characteristics should a fire door meet? First: The thermal insulation, these must serve as a wall to prevent the advance of the fire and it is important that they are able to mitigate the high temperatures, and thus allow the transit of people to the other side; In addition, in “the cold face” they must comply as an insulator to prevent inflammation of the furniture around it. Second: The insulation of gases and fumes, a good passive fire protection system has to prevent the passage of fumes and hot gases, so it is important that the leaves and the frame are properly adjusted, something essential is to have a automatic closing mechanism after each opening. Third: These doors can also be classified by the time of resistance to high temperatures, there are 30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes or 180 minutes this is the time it has supporting the insulation of the fire and preventing smoke expand.

FIRE DOOR MAINTENANCE WHY IS IT SO IMPORTANT? These must be maintained from time to time, the gaskets, the door closing points, must be checked, the glass must be monitored in case any one presents a crack or bubble to avoid any breakage. These doors have a life cycle of 20 years due to the deterioration of the insulating components and it is very important to maintain them so that they have that duration and serve when an accident occurs and not risk people. Must the manufacturers of this type of doors have certifications? Yes, the manufacturers of this type of doors must have certifications that are granted when they meet certain quality standards, an example is Underwriters Laboratories (UL) this certifies that the material used is adequate and gives total confidence throughout the world.

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How do fire doors work? These are installed in large places where they sectorize the space so that it is divided into smaller areas, their operation consists of acting as a barrier against fire to prevent its passage and prevent it from advancing rapidly.

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