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Stanley hollow Metal Doors provide uniform quality, durability, and security while reducing concerns for weathering that would deteriorate normal wood doors. Hollow metal doors are available with insulation and/or vision kits depending upon your needs.

Hollow Metal Doors are often used to replace wood doors when added security is preferred. These doors can be made to fit a custom opening or are available in several standard sizes. The durability of these doors help to keep door repairs and maintenance minimal and provide good security.

Our company distributes doors that comply with NFPA-80 (Fire Code), and are listed for both masonry and non-masonry applications — including installation to wood or steel jambs within drywall. Fire labeled hollow metal and wood doors must be installed with an equivalent fire labeled frame with approved fire listed hardware. Can be labeled 20, 45, 90 or 3 hour rated.

Solid Core Fire Commercial Wood Doors

Stanley fire rated door
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This kind of system gives easy and safe access to disabled people in a building. We carry the most complete line of Handicap Entrance Doors that meet the ANSI A156.19 (Requirements for low energy power) Stanley Doors