A door locking or latching mechanism that is designed to always be operable from the inside or EGRESS side of the door by applying pressure on a PUSH BAR or CROSS BAR. Fire rated/labeled PANIC DEVICES have been tested, certified, and approved for use on fire rated doors. A PANIC DEVICE can differ in function of the latching features and may be “Rated for Panic” only and not be suitable for use on a fire rated, labeled door opening.

Panic Hardware is an exit device which is tested for use on a door that is required to have panic hardware, but cannot be used on a fire door.  Panic hardware typically has the dogging feature, which allows the latches to be held retracted to create a push/pull function. 

Fire Exit Hardware is an exit device which is tested for both panic and fire conditions and is required to be used on fire doors where panic hardware is required by code or desired for durability.  Since fire doors require positive-latching, fire exit hardware does not incorporate mechanical dogging.  If a push/pull function is desired for a fire door, electric latch retraction hardware may be installed, as long as the latch projects automatically upon fire alarm.


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We have architectural flush wood doors, clad with high pressure laminate and unfinished wood veneer. Quality door hardware including hinges, locks, vision panels, door closers, panic devices for any kind of door.

Our company distributes doors that comply with NFPA-80 (Fire Code), and are listed for both masonry and non-masonry applications — including installation to wood or steel jambs within drywall. Fire labeled hollow metal and wood doors must be installed with an equivalent fire labeled frame with approved fire listed hardware. Can be labeled 20, 45, 90 or 3 hour rated.