Automatic Doors

Intensive care unit doors

Intensive care unit doors


Intensive care unit doors

intensive care unit doors
automatic doors
sliding doors
automatic doors

Cofesa offers an outstanding product portfolio of commercial exterior doors including, automatic, industrial, high-performance, hangar doors and loading dock systems. This full range of proven commercial door systems provide convenient and secure access to the front, back, and interior of any building.

All of our products can be optimized for any requirements, such as automation and monitoring, minimizing energy loss, and ensuring the stability of the indoor climate providing you with complete and sustainable entrance solutions.

Our Automatic Doors are the best brands in the market and have been tested to meet Florida’s code requirement for building structures to withstand hurricane forces.

The Hurricane products are customized to meet the most stringent building design & building requirements reducing air infiltration, withstanding high structural pressure, and maximizing forced entry resistance.


Fire rated door
fire rated door

This kind of system gives easy and safe access to disabled people in a building. We carry the most complete line of Handicap Entrance Doors that meet the ANSI A156.19 (Requirements for low energy power)

Automatic Slide Doors

sliding door
sliding door
sliding doors

Our automated doors offer an attractive, efficient, convenient, and practical solution for door automation at any facility. The options are virtually limitless — you can choose from:

  • Single slide door
  • Bi-part Slide door
  • Overhead concealed
  • Surface mounted
  • Telescopic
  • All glass
  • Hurricane resistant or even curved sliding door.

We offer products that are reliable for operation in every application from high-traffic retail locations to upscale professional and institutional settings.

Intensive care unit doors

Automatic Swing Operators

Intensive care unit doors
Intensive care unit doors
Intensive care unit doors

Our swing doors offer a versatile and compact entrance that takes up minimal wall width while providing directional traffic in your facility; It can be low energy (“knowing act” open activation with push plates or hand wave) or full energy (open activation by motion).

We have a swinging door operator for every setting; supermarkets, department stores, hospitals(including intensive care unit doors), airports, office buildings, public buildings, schools and universities. The operator field is adjustable to overcome environmental or facility changes.

  • Available in single, pair, or double egress configuration.
  • Can be complete packages with door, or operator only.
  • Meet ANSI/BHMA A156.10, or ANSI/BHMA A156.19.

Automatic Folding Doors

fire door
fire doors
life safety door

When space is limited, you can use folding doors to maximize your door opening allowing for two-way traffic where there are currently restricted rough openings. Choosing two or four-panels, you are insured of a package which provides automated door convenience in the smallest of environments.

Panels fold when retracting which allows for about 70% of the door’s package to be free and clear for passage.

Automatic Revolving Doors

Revolving doors can be used for high-traffic applications requiring simultaneous entry and exit, controlled access, or can be used as an air lock to help manage energy expenses.

  • Available as manual or automatic configurations.
  • Manufactured as complete packages by STANLEY Rush.